National Tricone Style M-3 Marino Resonator Guitars

Description: National Tricone Style M-3 Marino Resonator Guitars
Available: 1937 to 1943.
Collectibility Rating: Roundneck: B+, Squareneck: C- (a brass body makes for a lower rating, but roundneck scores high because of the rarity).

General Comments: Introduced in 1937, this plain nickel plated brass body model has a square neck (Hawaiian). By 1942 the body is no long nickel plated but is instead painted with a oak looking wood grain finish. Discontinued by 1943. Almost all were made with square necks.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your National Tricone guitar, use the serial number. The M-3 serial number is stamped at the top of the peghead or on a metal serial number tag on the back of the peghead. See the National Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

National also made other styles of Tricone guitars:

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1937 National Tricone Style M-3 Marino guitar specs:
brass body with nickel plating (like a Style 0), no engraving, dot fingerboard inlays, ebony fingerboard wood, mahogany neck on both Spanish roundneck model and Hawaiian squareneck model, slotted peghead and "National" decal or metal badge, three resonator cones connected with a metal "T" bar, maple bridge saddle.

1942 National Tricone Style M-3 Marion guitar specs:
body is now painted an oak style wood grain finish.

National Tricone style M-3 Marion guitar discontinued 1943.

A 1942 National Tricone Style M-3 Marion roundneck guitar in an original hardshell case:

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