National Tricone Style 2 Resonator Guitars

Description: National Tricone Style 2 Resonator Guitars
Available: 1927 to 1942.
Collectibility Rating: Roundneck: B, Squareneck: D

General Comments: German silver body (solid nickel alloy with nickel plating). Wild Rose body engraving, no engraving on coverplate. Note some 1927-1929 examples have roses engraved on the coverplate. This is sometimes refered to as a "Style 2 1/2". Three or "tri" resonator cones with two cones on the bass side, one cone on the treble side, T-shaped bridge cover and handrest, grid pattern soundholes on upper body, Hawaiian squareneck or Spanish roundneck styles, 12 frets clear of the body, dot fingerboard inlays, flat fingerboard radius, mahogany neck on Spanish model, metal neck with mahagony headstock on Hawaiian model, bound single layer ebony fingerboard, slotted peghead.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your National Tricone guitar, use the serial number. On roundneck Tricone models, the serial number is stamped into the body by the endpin until serial number 2400. On squareneck Tricones, the serial number is stamped into the back of the metal neck near the peghead up until serial number 2400. On all Tricones after serial number 2400, the number is stamped at the top of the peghead. See the National Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

National also made other styles of Tricone guitars:

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1927 National Tricone Style 2 guitar specs:
Wild Rose body engraving, some 1927-1929 models with a rose engraved on the coverplate, dot fingerboard inlays, ebony fingerboard wood, mahogany neck on Spanish roundneck model and metal neck with mahagony headstock on Hawaiian squareneck model, slotted peghead, German silver nickel plated body, lightly engraved tuner plates with white buttons, three resonator cones connected with a metal "T" bar, maple bridge saddle, early examples have the bass and treble side body grids hand soldered with a crude look.

National Tricone style 2 guitar discontinued 1942.

A 1929 National Tricone Style 2 1/2 roundneck guitar (Spanish style) in an original hardshell case:

Note the rose engraved on the coverplate:

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