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  This is a bibliography of where I got all the vintage guitar information (and some pictures) compiled in this internet site. I have been collecting vintage guitars on and off for about 20 years. So my experience is inserted in all of the sections, in addition to the book sources. But no matter how much experience one has, there is always more that can be learned. Hence these books were instrumental in developing this vintage guitar site.
  Any book with one star is a decent book. Those books with two star I would highly recommend. Books with are the best available! Books with no stars are not very good, but may be the only source of information available for that subject.

American Guitars, by T. Wheeler, 1990.
Classic Guitars of the 1950's, by T. Bacon, 1996.
Epiphone: the Complete History, by W. Carter, 1995.
Epiphone: the House of Stathopoulo, by Jim Fisch and L.B. Fred, 1996.
Jim Fisch passed away on Feb 17, 2006 at age 54. Jim was my friend and I will miss him.
Fender Stratocaster, by A.R. Duchossoir, 1988.
Fender Telecaster, by A.R. Duchossoir, 1991.
Fender: the Sound Heard 'Round the World, by R. Smith, 1995.
Gibson Electrics, the Classic Years, by A.R. Duchossoir, 1994.
  Gibson Shipping Records, 1992.
Gibson Super 400, by T.A. VanHoose, 1991.
Gretsch Book, by T. Bacon & P. Day, 1996.
Gruhn's Guide to Vintage Guitars, by W. Carter & G. Gruhn, 1991.
  Guitars from Neptune, by P. Bechtoldt and D. Tulloch, 1995.
Guitar Identification, by A.R. Duchossoir, 1988.
Guitars of the Fred Gretsch Company, by J. Scott, 1992.
Kay Guitars: 50's Cool, by J. Scott, 1992.
Martin Guitars: A History, by M. Longworth, 1988.
National Resonator Instruments, by B. Brozman, 1993.
Rickenbacker: the Complete History, by R. Smith, 1987.
Ultimate Guitar Book, by T. Bacon, 1991.
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