National Style O Resonator Guitars

Description: National Style 0 Resonator Guitars
Available: 1930 to 1941.
Collectibility Rating: Roundneck: C, Squareneck: D- (a brass body makes for a lower rating, also this model is fairly common).

General Comments: Single cone resonator, nickel plated body with sand blasted Hawaiian scene on back and palm trees on front and solid area on sides, round shoulder, upper F-holes, round neck, dot inlay fingerboard, bound ebony fingerboard. There were 6 different variations in the sand blasted Hawaiian scene, and 8 total Style O variations if you include body changes. Four of the six sand blasting variations were used on the 12 fret models.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your National Style 0 guitar, use the serial number. See the National Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

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1930 National Style O guitar Introduction specs:
Steel body, nickel plated, Flat cut f-holes, 12 frets clear of the body, Slotted peghead, Maple round neck, Flat fingerboard radius, Resonator cover with small holes drilled in diamond patterns, "National" decal on peghead. Front scene: 2 palm trees, many cloud & stars, border.

1931 National Style O guitar specs:
Brass body used instead of steel, nickel plated. Front scene: 2 palm trees with fuzzy centers, FEW clouds & stars, border.

1932 National Style O guitar specs:
Front scene: 2 palm trees with fuzzy centers, few clouds & stars, NO border.

1933 National Style O guitar specs:
Brass resonator cover plate, nickel plated, Rolled edge f-holes, Resonator cover with four embossed radiating lines added, Square mahogany neck available. Front scene: 1 palm tree with CLEAR center, MORE clouds and stars.

Late 1934 National Style O guitar specs:
14 frets clear of the smaller body, 10 inch fingerboard radius, Diamond shape resonator cover cutouts shaped like "crow feet" (though the 1933 style cover plate is also used till 1936). Scene: simplier front & back Hawaiian scene.

1936 Style O specs:
Solid peghead with arched "National" logo in celluloid letters, Some models with Mahogany necks. Scene: reversed 1934 scene and further simplified.

1937 Style O specs:
Clear or flowered white pickguard added, Palm trees etched on side of body.

1939 Style O specs:
"National" etched into ebonized black peghead veneer, Slotted parallelogram fingerboard inlays.

1940 Style O specs:
Enlarged "paddle" peghead, Metal National sheild logo.

Style O Discontinued 1941.

A 1934 National Style 0 roundneck 12 fret guitar in an original hardshell case:

A 1935 National Style 0 roundneck 14 fret guitar in an original hardshell case:

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