Rickenbacker Model 360, 360-12 and 365 Guitars

Description: Rickenbacker 360, 360-12 and 365 guitars
Available: 1958 to present.
Collectibility Rating: OS double bound body style: B, NS body style: C.
General Comments: The Rickenbacker 360 is the classic hollowbody Rick model with "Shark Fin" crushed pearl fingerboard inlays and two "Toaster" pickups. The 360 and 360-12 had two pickups and no vibrato. The 365 had two pickups with a vibrato.

  • Available in 1958, the body was "double bound" with binding around both the top and back of the body. The double bound body was know as the "OS" or Old Style body. Body thickness from 1958 to 1960 was about 2.5" thick.
  • In 1960 the Stereo Rick-O-Sound became an option (but all Ricks seem to have it, with two output jacks).
  • In 1961 the body thickness changed to 1.5" thick, a welcome change, making the guitar easier to play and handle, and less prone to feedback.
  • In 1963 the tailpiece on the non-vibrato Rick 360 become more elaborate with a "R".
  • In June 1964 Rickenbacker change the body shape to have a rounded front edge with no front binding (only the back had binding). This is known as the "NS" or New Style body, and this body style is less desirable. The OS ("old style") body was still available through the end of the 1960s, but only as a special order.
  • Also the 1964 and later 360/365 guitar used five black small knobs. This new knob configuration was used on both the OS and NS body styles starting in 1964, replacing the four older OS body gold "TV" knobs.
  • In 1964 when the body style changed so did the pickguard material. The older Rickenbacker OS body used a gold back-painted Acrylic pickguard material and truss rod cover. The 1964 Rick 360/365 (both NS and OS) used a solid white pickguard material and truss rod cover.
  • The Rickenbacker 360 guitar was also available starting in late 1964 as a 12 string (NS body), known as the Rick 360-12 model. The OS body style was also available in 12 strings as a special order.
  • In 1968 the 360-12 bridge changed to a roller bridge.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your Rickenbacker 360 or 365 guitar, use the serial number from the serial/model number label. This is located inside the body in one one of the rear control cavities. See the Rickenbacker Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

If you have a vintage Rickenbacker 360, 360-12 or 365 guitar for sale, please contact me at cfh@provide.net

A 1959 Rickenbacker 360 guitar. Note the thick 2.5" and the double bound body, TV knobs, gold pickguard/truss rod cover.

A 1966 Rickenbacker 365-6 guitar in Maple-Glo finish. This was probably a special order with the double bound OS body style.
The special order OS body style after 1964 still use the newer white pickguard/truss rod cover plastic.
This is a Rickenbacker 365 (not a 360) because of the vibrato tailpiece.

This Rickenbacker 365-6 was made in April 1966, as shown by the serial number.

A 1968 Rickenbacker 360-12 guitar. This was probably a special order in black and with the double bound OS body style.
The special order OS body style after 1964 still use the newer white pickguard/truss rod cover plastic.

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