Gibson Super Jumbo 100 (SJ-100 or J-100) Guitar

Description: Gibson Super Jumbo 100 (SJ-100 or J-100) flat top guitar
Available: 1939 to 1943.
Collectibility Rating: A.

General Comments: This model was a less expensive version of the Gibson J-200. The Gibson J100 was half the price of the fancier Gibson J-200. Also the Gibson J-100's mahogany body is less brittle sounding then the J-200's maple body. A great model, please contact me if you have one for sale.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your Gibson J100 guitar, use the FON Factory Order number. This is located inside the body's sound hole on the neck block. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

J.Spann's book on FON numbers shows us some pre-war examples of SJ-100 batches:

    • 423e = SJ-100
    • 546e = SJ-100
    • 206e = SJ special experimental
    • 167f = SJ-100
    • 669f = SJ-100
    • 683f = SJ-100
    • 696f = SJ-100
    • 896f = SJ-100
    • f910 = SJ-100
    • 1218f = SJ-100
    • 2671g = SJ-100
    • 4098g = SJ-100
    • 4467g = SJ-100
    • 5155g = SJ-100

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1939 Gibson Super Jumbo 100 (SJ-100) guitar introduction specs:
17" wide, jumbo shape, mahogany back and sides, pickguard does not follow contour of body edge, large moustache shape bridge with cutouts at bridge ends, individual adjustable string saddle bearings, 2 pearl dots on bridge, wide triple binding on top, single bound back and ebony fingerboard with pointed end, dot fingerboard inlays, maple neck, pearl logo, stairstep peghead shape, butterfly tuner buttons on large Kluson sealed nickel plated tuners (like L-5 tuners), 26" scale length, sunburst finish.

1941 Gibson SJ-100 guitar specs:
Rosewood bridge with beveled edges and 3 pearl dots (no cutouts) and 3 points, 1 piece saddle, standard Gibson peghead (no longer stair-stepped), round tuner buttons.

Gibson SJ-100 guitar discontinued 1943. Re-introduced 1985.

These pictures came from the original owner who
emailed them to me during the summer of 2005. At
the time they were selling the guitar and said I could
use them on this web page (helped their marketing, easier to
point people here to see the pictures and not use their bandwidth,
than to email pictures I would guess). I would have liked
to buy the guitar (we could not come to a mutually agreeable
price), as it's pretty cool.

The first style 1939 Gibson J-100 flat top.

The second version of the Gibson J-100 with the solid
bridge (this one is from 1941 and has replaced tuners).

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