- Fender Vintage Guitar Detail Pictures.
From the Fender Vintage Guitar Info Web page.
Most pictures taken by and thanks to Jim Shine.
Picture NameDescription
fender_tuners   Tuners used on Fenders from 1950 to 1970s.

gray_bottom_jm_pu   Jazzmaster gray bottom pickup 7/64.
gray_bottom_pu   A whole mess of 1970s gray bottom Fender pickups.
gray_bottom_pu_stamp   1964 gray bottom Fender pickup date stamp.

jmastjag_bridge_thimbles   Jazzmaster/Jaguar bridge thimbles.
jmastjag_tailpiece   Closeup of an original Jazzmaster/Jaguar tailpiece.

musicm_slab_necks   Slab fingerboards sometimes used on Musicmasters 8/65 to 10/66.


pots_fender   Old vs. new Fender pots.

repro_jaguar_mutes   Repro vs. original Jaguar mutes.
repro_jaguar_pu_cover   Repro vs. original Jaguar pickup covers.
repro_jbass_knobs   Repro vs. original Jazz bass knobs.
repro_jbass_pu_cover   Repro vs. original Jazz bass pickup covers.
repro_jmast_decals   Repro vs. original Jazzmaster peghead decals.
repro_jmast_roller   Repro vs. original Jazzmaster roller pot brackets.
repro_pbass_pu_cover   Repro vs. original Precision bass pickup covers.
repro_pickguards   Comparison of 1962 to 1966 and repro pickguards.
repro_strat_decals   Repro vs. original Strat peghead decals.
repro_strat_ferrules   Repro vs. original hardtail Strat string ferrules.
repro_strat_knobs   Repro vs. original Stratocaster knobs.
repro_strat_saddles   Repro vs. original Strat bridge saddles.
repro_strat_saddles2   Repro vs. original Strat bridge saddles.
repro_strat_saddles3   MIJ/MIM repro vs. original Strat saddles.
repro_strat_tremblock   Repro vs. original Strat tremolo block.
repro_strat_tremblock2   Repro vs. original Strat tremolo block.
repro_strat_tremtip   Repro vs. original Strat tremolo tips.
repro_string_trees   Repro vs. original string trees.
repro_tele_tips   Repro vs. original Telecaster switch tips.
repro_truss_rod_nuts   Repro vs. original Fender truss rod nuts.
repro_tuner_bushings   Repro vs. original Kluson peghead tuner bushings.
repro_tuners   Repro vs. original Kluson tuners.

slab_fingerboard_neck_ends   Repro vs. original 'slab' fingerboard neck comparison.

strat_controls_1958   Stratocaster volume/tone controls from 1958.
strat_gnd_screw_1977   Grounding screw used under the pickguard on late 1970s Strats.
strat_pg_shield_stamp   Stamp on original Stratocaster aluminum pickguard shield.

tele_body_1974   1974 Telecaster body routes. Note the missing channel between neck pickup and control cavity.
tele_pickup_1974   1974 Telecaster pickup details.