Gibson ES-225t & ES-225td Electric Thinline Guitar

Description: Gibson ES255 Electric Thinline Archtop guitar.
Available: 1955 to 1959
Collectibility Rating: one pickup models: D, two pickup models: C.
General Comments: I personally like the ES-225td model, though I may not be in the majority. The thinline body style and single cutaway are very versatile on a guitar that is not really that expensive (even today). It's an excellent basic guitar that plays nice and sounds good. The Gibson ES-225 guitar is basically a 1950s version of the Gibson ES-125tc and ES-125tdc at first glace, with a thick fully hollow body style and a single sharp cutaway. But there are a number of differences between the two models. The Gibson ES-225 has neck binding and a pearl peghead logo, where the ES-125tdc has a decal "Gibson" logo and no neck binding. Also the Les Paul style tailpiece on the ES-225 is much more elegant than the ES-125 trapeze tail. The ES-225 also has independent tuners (opposed to "three on a strip" tuners). But the ES-225 is a better version of the ES-125tdc in that the 225 benefits from the 1950s Gibson guitar construction. It has a larger 1950s style Gibson neck shape, classic "bonnet" knobs, nickel plated parts, and an available blond finish. Also the construction of the body is a bit different on the ES-225. If you look inside the cutaway, you can see the top meets the sides differently on an ES-225 than on an ES-125. On the ES-125 the top is more "bent" down to meet the sides, where on an ES-225 the top is spaced with maple and not bent to meet the side. The only weird thing about the Gibson ES-225t is the single pickup version, where the pickup is mounted right in the middle (and not in the neck or bridge position). Because of this the two pickup verison ES-225td is a much better guitar than the one pickup version ES-225t.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your Gibson ES255, use the FON number. This is located inside the body, usually in the body's treble-side "f" hole. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

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1955 Gibson ES-225 introduction specs:
Much like a slightly fancier 1960's ES-125TC with different tailpiece. Thinbody, single pointed cutaway, fully hollow body, 1 or 2 P-90 pickups with black covers, trapaze bridge/tailpiece combo with strings looping over bridge, laminated beveled-edge pickguard, single bound top, back and rosewood fingerboard, pearl dot fingerboard inlays, pearl logo, sunburst or natural finish. The one pickup model is not very desirable because of the placement of the single pickup; it's neither in the neck or bridge position, but in between the two positions.

Gibson ES-225 discontinued 1959.

1957 blond Gibson ES-225t guitar with one pickup.

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