National Duolian Resonator Guitars

Description: National Duolian Resonator Guitars
Available: 1930 to 1938.
Collectibility Rating: Squareneck: D-, Roundneck: C (a great sounding single cone National, but they made TONS of them since they were only $32.50 brand new).
General Comments: Single cone resonator with a steel body and wood neck. National's basic and least expensive resonator guitar model at the time. A great sounding guitar, just not very fancy.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your National Duolian guitar, use the serial number. See the National Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

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1930 Duolian Introduction specs:
Steel body with flat cut f-holes, Ebonized maple fingerboard with no binding. dot fingerboard inlays, Round mahogany neck, 12 frets clear of the body, Slotted peghead, Flat fingerboard radius, "National Duolian" decal on peghead. "Frosted Duco" finish with crystal-like texture, color varies from grey to green to black.

1931 Duolian specs:
"Duolian" stamped in face of peghead replacing decal.

1933 Duolian specs:
Rolled edge F-holes, Square neck available special order.

Late 1934 Duolian specs:
14 frets clear of the smaller body, Basswood neck replaces mahogany, 10 inch fingerboard radius, "Duolian" decal replacing stamped "Duolian" name in peghead.

1936 Duolian specs:
Solid peghead.

1937 Duolian specs:
Rosewood or "Red bean" fingerboard, "Piano" body finish, simulating walnut grain.

1938 Duolian specs:
Pickguard added. Sometimes black, sometimes wood grain with diagonal stripes.

Duolian Discontinued 1938, replaced by the Collegian.

A 1934 National Duolian in a rare Gold kinkle finish with a 14 fret neck, original hardshell case:

A 1937 National Duolian roundneck 14 fret guitar in piano finish, original hardshell case:

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