Epiphone Coronet model guitars
1958 to 1970

Description:Epiphone Coronet solidbody guitar
Available: 1958 to 1970.
Collectibility Rating: 1958/1959: B, 1960-1963: C, 1964-1965: C-

General Comments:
The Gibson-made Epiphone Coronet guitar started out as an alternative to the Gibson Les Paul Junior. Something slightly different, but still a good basic single pickup solidbody guitar (for a very economical price). Initially, the 1958/1959 models had a rather thick 1 3/4" mahogany body, like it's sister Les Paul Junior, and a bit similar to a Telecaster body. But when the Les Paul Junior converted to the thinner SG LP Junior body style by late 1960, the Coronet also thinned down to 1 3/8" thick, and the edges got rounded. Fortunately the new thinner Coronet body is not as thin as a SG LP Junior (making the Coronet a better guitar in my opinion, and a heck of a lot cheaper in price than a SG LP Junior). With the thinner Coronet body, the pickup also changed to a Gibson P90, which dramatically improved the sound over the Epi New York pickup. Then in 1963 the Epiphone Coronet body changed again slightly, making the treble side cutaway "horn" shorter, and changing the peghead tuners to 6-on-a-side (a la Fender). These weren't bad things, but most people seem to like generaion 1 and 2 of the Coronet body better than the asymetrical gen3 body style. To me the big deal is the neck size, since in 1964 Epiphone neck thinned from the standard 1 11/16" nut width to a thinner 1 5/8" (I personally perfer the thicker 1 11/16" nut width). Note the Coronet is a less cousin to the fancier Epiphone Wilshire and Epiphone Crestwood.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your Epiphone Coronet, use the Serial Number. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

If you have a vintage Epiphone Coronet guitar for sale, please contact me at cfh@provide.net

    1958-1959 Epiphone Coronet, first generation body style.

    1958 Coronet introduction specs:

    • 1 New York pickups.
    • 1 3/4" thick symmetrical body.
    • Square body edges.
    • Sunburst or black finish.
    • NY style knobs.
    • 3+3 tuners peghead style.
    • Angled smooth wrap-around tailpiece.
    • Metal peghead logo.
    • Asymmetrical pickguard.
    • Inked serial number a la solidbody Gibsons.

    1962 Epiphone Coronet, second generation body style.

    1960 Coronet specs:

    • P-90 pickup with black plastic cover replaces New York pickup.
    • Pearl peghead logo.
    • 1 3/8" thick body.
    • Rounded body edges.
    • Symmetrical pickguard with embossed silver "E".
    • three-on-a-plate Kluson tuners with white tuner buttons.
    • Cherry finish.

    1961 Coronet specs:

    • Gibson style knobs.
    • Serial number stamped into back of peghead wood a la solidbody Gibsons.
    • Straight installed wrap around tailpiece with compensated non-adjustable "saddles".

    1962 Coronet specs:

    • Vibrato optional (usually a Maestro three-screw vibrato and a flat tremolo arm.) This installed behind the compensated wrap-around tailpiece, with the strings angling over the wraparound tail and connecting to the tremolo.
    • Gold silkscreened "Epiphone" peghead logo.

    1963 Epiphone Coronet, third generation body style
    with "batwing" peghead, Green Silver Fox finish.

    1963 Coronet specs:

    • Asymmetrical body with upper bass horn slightly longer than upper treble.
    • 6 on a side ("batwing") tuner configuration.
    • Greeb Silver-fox finish optional (a translucent green finish with silver pore filler).

    1964 Epiphone Dwight (Coronet) with vibrato, Silver Fox finish.

    1964 Epiphone Dwight specs:

    • The Coronet also came labeled as an Epiphone Dwight model. Same guitar, different branding, says "Dwight" on the truss rod cover.
    • Most Coronets come with a Maestro vibrato.
    • Nickel plated cover on the P-90 pickup replaces the black plastic cover.
    • Goofy looking "cheap amp" style barrel knobs.
    • Neck profile got thin (about 1 5/8") at the nut. (This happened earlier on Epiphone than it did on Gibsons.)

    1966 Coronet specs:

    • Vibrato discontinued.
    • Metal parts change from nickel to chrome plated (including the P90 pickup cover).
    • Peghead pitch changed from 17 degrees to 14 degrees.
    • Indian rosewood replaces Brazilian rosewood for the fingerboard.

    Coronet Discontinued 1970.
    Overseas made Coronets seen through the 1970s to 1990s. These are easy to identify as they have full size Humbucking pickups (instead of a single P-90 pickup), and usually have bolt-on necks. These non-USA made Epi guitars are not collectible in any way.

1961 Epiphone Coronet (generation2 body style) in translucent red finish.

1965 Epiphone Coronet (generation3 body style) in Green Silver Fox finish. Trem arm missing.

Pickguard removed on the Epi Coronet showing the neck/body joint.

Rear control cavity showing the tone capacitor and pots.

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