1958 Fender Stratocaster Guitar

Description: 1958 Fender Stratocaster guitar
Available: 1954 to present.
Collectibility Rating: B
Production: no official (or unofficial) production numbers available.
General Comments:
The Fender Stratocaster guitar is probably the most popular solidbody electric guitar ever made. Early models (1954 to 1965, known as "pre-CBS" models, since CBS Broadcaster Company bought Fender in January 1965) are the most collectible. Originality and condition are the two most important features of a vintage Fender Stratocaster guitar, and Fender Strats do seem to have been easily modified (due to their "bolt together" nature).

The 1958 Fender Stratocaster had a number of changes, none I personally liked much. First the classic 2-tone sunburst (yellow to dark brown) was changed to a 3-tone finish (yellow to red to dark brown). Three color sunbursts are cute, but I personally enjoy the classic 2-color look better. The other thing that changed was the neck shape. The large backshape neck of the 1954 to 1957 Fender Stratocasters was gone, changed to a thinner more modern style neck shape. Again not my cup of tea. Still, 1958 Fender Stratocasters are very nice guitars.

Serial number range for the 58 Fender Stratocaster are generally 25000 to 30000 (some numbers with a "0" or "-" prefix on the neck plate). If you need to figure out the exact year of your pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster, use the serial number and the general features of the guitar. The serial number is located on the back metal neck plate. See the Fender Serial Number Info web page for help determining the year.

If you have a vintage pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster guitar for sale, please let me know. I am a private vintage guitar collector (not a store) and you can contact me at cfh@provide.net

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1958 Fender Stratocaster guitar specs:

  • Sunburst finish changed to three colors (red added), going yellow to red to dark brown.
  • Neck is a thinner "D" neck shape (the famous "V" neck is gone). As 1958 progresses, the neck backshape gets thinner.

August 1958 Fender Stratocaster in 3-tone sunburst.

The blue arrows below show the nail holes used on this Stratocaster body.

This 1958 Fender Stratocaster utilizes an unusual .1mfd tone capacitor.
In this era the flat caps are usually seen. This guitar however, which is original,
uses the same style capacitor as seen in Fender amps from this era.

Though not clearly shown, the pot codes are 304825. Meaning the 25th week of 1958.

Pickguard screws. Notice they are threaded the entire length.

The blue arrow below shows another nail hole under the output jack plate.

The "Fender Pat.Pend." saddles can clearly be seen in this picture.

The neck screws utilized are not threaded the entire length.

The neck date of 7-58 can clearly be seen in the picture below. Also the fully
painted neck pocket.

The bottom side of the tremolo cover plate is shown below, along with their fully threaded screws.

The body date of 8/58 can clearly be seen with the tremolo claw is removed.

"Single line" Kluson tuners are utilized on Fender Strats of this era.

A 1958 Fender "Mandocaster" with original tweed case.
Ok Ok I know it's not a Strat! But you can clearly see the 3-color sunburst, as used on the Strat.

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